No Hassle, No Investment, turn key solutions for your business

Presale, autosale and delivery

A complete solution for sales, delivery and related businesses.

bmSales is the presale, autosale and delivery solution for your BlackBerry and Java enabled phone that allows your sales and delivery teams to work seamlessly out of the office.

Take a look at the shared features for all of our solutions (full off-line database of products, customers, prices, etc, bluetooth printing, bar code readers and much more for a small monthly fee).

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Vending machine management

A complete solution for vending machine management, right on your BlackBerry or Java enabled phone

Your field people will have all the data they need in their hands, and you will get more control over your business, cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.

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Configurable forms for surveys and quality assurance

Whether you want to take surveys on the field, perform quality assurance, or any other task that right now requires your employees to fill a paper form, bmForms for BlackBerry or Java enabled phones is your solution

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Fine issuing

Fine issuing for police departments or parking control companies

Get rid of those errors, use your BlackBerry or Java enabled phone and get the most out of it: take photographs as attachments, use the on-device GPS, and more.

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Defect tracking for building construction

If you want to make sure that your buildings are defect free before the actual selling, or if you want to take care of your customer's requirements after the purchase, bmIssues can help your team to manage defect tracking forms.

Use your customized categories for buildings and defects, use your BlackBerry or Java enabled phone to take all that information right to your office, including photo attachments and GPS geotagging

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