Making the case for Mobile solutions as a Service (SaaS)

You realize the success of a Service by how accepted it is with customers. So I thought I would go through the arguments we give clients on why BaseMovil is the solution for them:

It’s the most affordable solution out there

  • Compare it to any PDA solution for sales, vending, installations or any field mobility solution. BaseMovil solutions are affordable month per month and even if you add all the months together as a yearly license.
  • There is little to no investment. No servers, no installation, no consultancy hours, no PDA´s. Clients don’t pay for the technology, just the solution.
  • PDA´s cost money, mobile  and smartphones are usually subsidized by the Carrier.

BaseMovil is easy to use

  • There is no training, BaseMovil applications and solutions are made so that you learn how to use it within 15 minutes of playing with the application.
  • There is no configuration to the phone, you download the application and its made standard to the user.
  • There is no intrusion to the ERP and if bmWeb is used, its all online..no software to install.

BaseMovil is a plug and play set up

  • You can try it out for a few days for free
  • You can check out our demo
  • You can buy it today and use it today
  • All because BaseMovil is not a “project”, it’s a plug and play solution you can set up in your company right now.

It’s Smart for your business

  • It will increase your productivity, if its bmSales for your field sales force: it will help you sell more and visit more customers, if its bmVending: it will help your field staff visit more machines and so on and so on…
  • It will reduce your operation cost. If you can do more work with one worker, you don’t need as many workers. If you can do more with the resources you already have, your revenue margins will grow and your operation cost will reduce.
  • It will reduce mistakes. Automating your field work will help your office have accurate, updated information to base its decisions and actions.
  • It will add professionalism to your field staff. Your clients will be impressed, your staff will be motivated, your image as well as your numbers will impress.
  • It will allow you to compete and stay competitive. Times are not easy, BaseMovil ensures they are just a bit easier to stay competitive, agile and flexible in today´s competing market.

One thing is clear, Elondra has loads of good arguments to clients and competitive products are starting to notice. Recently a Carrier executive when he heard of BaseMovil said to us “Some of our Mobile CRM apps don’t get used by our clients and their field Staff, but BaseMovil is an ordering tool, and because of that..it gets used and they don’t want to stop using it!”
Another one of our clients summarized the advantages of BaseMovil by telling us: “Our field staff likes the application, but so do their clients: the sales person shows up with the history of their last order, they take less time in taking the order and are they seem more prepared…”