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Presale, autosale and delivery

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Elondra Recognized in BlackBerry Alliance Program’s EMEA Innovation Awards for "Accelerating Innovation for Entrepreneurs"

Roma, Italia - Elondra today announced that it was recognized in the BlackBerry® Alliance Program’s EMEA Innovation Awards 2009.

Elondra was named the winner in the "Accelerating Innovation for Entrepreneurs" category, thanks to the simplicity of its solution, bmSales Sales Force Automation, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses to access the information they need while on the go. bmSales users can also create orders, note expenses, view payments and more from their BlackBerry® smartphone.

This is one of the many solutions in Elondra's portfolio of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that provide full off-line capabilities to vertical markets for a small monthly fee, aligning with most companies needs and the current economic climate. The judging panel of the BlackBerry Alliance Program’s EMEA Innovation Awards valued the simplicity and measurable return of investment Elondra's bmSales solution provides customers.


Running for the second consecutive year, the EMEA Innovation Awards showcase innovative organisations in the EMEA region who are delivering compelling mobile applications and services to customers on the BlackBerry® platform. The winners were selected by an independent panel of 13 judges comprising of industry experts, media and representatives from organisations with large smartphone deployments.


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About Elondra

Elondra is a research and development devoted company, that provides compelling and innovative solutions and services for companies of all sizes. Specially well suited for small and medium sized businesses, due to the easy to afford and easy to use solutions it delivers, Elondra is focused in providing its customers with "Plug & Play" mobility solutions. Elondra's award winning technology BaseMovil makes it possible to replace expensive industrial terminals in ERP like environments, by providing a full off-line database like those, while maximizing the wireless push capabilities of the BlackBerry platform.

For more information, visit: www.elondra.com


The BaseMovil and Elondra families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Elondra S.L. The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

Making the case for Mobile solutions as a Service (SaaS)

You realize the success of a Service by how accepted it is with customers. So I thought I would go through the arguments we give clients on why BaseMovil is the solution for them:

It’s the most affordable solution out there

  • Compare it to any PDA solution for sales, vending, installations or any field mobility solution. BaseMovil solutions are affordable month per month and even if you add all the months together as a yearly license.
  • There is little to no investment. No servers, no installation, no consultancy hours, no PDA´s. Clients don’t pay for the technology, just the solution.
  • PDA´s cost money, mobile  and smartphones are usually subsidized by the Carrier.

BaseMovil is easy to use

  • There is no training, BaseMovil applications and solutions are made so that you learn how to use it within 15 minutes of playing with the application.
  • There is no configuration to the phone, you download the application and its made standard to the user.
  • There is no intrusion to the ERP and if bmWeb is used, its all online..no software to install.

BaseMovil is a plug and play set up

  • You can try it out for a few days for free
  • You can check out our demo
  • You can buy it today and use it today
  • All because BaseMovil is not a “project”, it’s a plug and play solution you can set up in your company right now.

It’s Smart for your business

  • It will increase your productivity, if its bmSales for your field sales force: it will help you sell more and visit more customers, if its bmVending: it will help your field staff visit more machines and so on and so on…
  • It will reduce your operation cost. If you can do more work with one worker, you don’t need as many workers. If you can do more with the resources you already have, your revenue margins will grow and your operation cost will reduce.
  • It will reduce mistakes. Automating your field work will help your office have accurate, updated information to base its decisions and actions.
  • It will add professionalism to your field staff. Your clients will be impressed, your staff will be motivated, your image as well as your numbers will impress.
  • It will allow you to compete and stay competitive. Times are not easy, BaseMovil ensures they are just a bit easier to stay competitive, agile and flexible in today´s competing market.

One thing is clear, Elondra has loads of good arguments to clients and competitive products are starting to notice. Recently a Carrier executive when he heard of BaseMovil said to us “Some of our Mobile CRM apps don’t get used by our clients and their field Staff, but BaseMovil is an ordering tool, and because of that..it gets used and they don’t want to stop using it!”
Another one of our clients summarized the advantages of BaseMovil by telling us: “Our field staff likes the application, but so do their clients: the sales person shows up with the history of their last order, they take less time in taking the order and are they seem more prepared…”

are business really wondering, is it all about the Apps?- Mobile applications take over PDA consultants

Elondra developed in 2004 business aplications for symbian phones that could replace the PDA solutions like on-the-field Sales with a simple mobile phone. A compressed Data Base in your mobile phone, offline data, simple and organized, you syncronize on demand with your ERP, order sent, job done...next customer. Now folks, This was before your off the shelf mobile phone had 4gb like today, before mobile operating systems where as nifty and cooperative in multitasking and when video, music and color....yes color, was new in the mobile market.

Recently with one of our european customers visit with one of our mobile operator partners, a client told us about his investment of 3000 euros per PDA terminal to do Vending machine administration, he had done this invesment a year ago of one PDA for each of his 80 on-the-field vending agents. have you done the math? yes, 240,000 euros just in PDA´ (plus the ERP, the consultantSSSS and the HourSSS of a 3 Phase Proyect plus Training). this Huge investment just to go collect the change a candy bar machine gives you, ok, to his credit, to go collect the change 10´s of thousends of candy bar machines gives him. This Spanish client had had 4 PDAs broken in the last month and had already replaced 6 in the last year. The mobile operator knew of his monthly voice bill, but this customer didnt have data lines for his agents. The offer from the operator was:

"We will replace the PDA´s with a BlackBerry curve and bmVending application from Elondra, cost of the BlackBerry is free, Elondra will charge you 20€ per application, we will just charge you what your spend on phone calls and Data transfers and we might even give you a good adjustable rate deal for the use on that too."

This Clients firs reaction was the obvious, "I got ripped off", he called in his IT guy and demanded to know why he haden´t been told that a BlackBerry with bmVending could do everything he wanted on the field,  instead of spending all this money on a PDA solution.

The IT guys response was, "well boss, the PDA is capable of doing so much more"

Well now, the cost of replacing 4 PDA terminals covers his cost of applications for the 80 BlackBerrys his agents use on restocking machines, logging collection and signaling broken Machines. Plus, these agents have a little more room in their pockets, still having a phone but no longer a PDA.

Elondra has gone a long way since 2004 and so have mobiles, why is there managers and directors, IT guys, still fixed on the PDA?

I know its great to have things you dont need, but I personally, dont have a Ferrari as a business car, I dont buy a 18 wheel truck cause I have plenty with just a trunk for my supermarket shoping, I dont need to give my sales guys a mobile so they can watch videos and socialize iPhone stuff with, and  if common sense prevails and the economic crisis is forcing something positive, let business and SME´s stop investing in PDA´s they dont need and get a good business smartphone (hopefully subsidized by the operator) with Elodra´s BaseMovil business aplications.

It just makes reasonable sense.

easy to install, use, afford and productive.



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